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Teen Titans

Teen Titans: The new team is still running around the world looking for Raven. This week, they bump into Bombshell (Captain Atom's female lookalike), Miss Martian (the only other green martian besides J'onn to have survived the white martian attack on Mars), and Zachary Zatara (Zatanna's young magical cousin).

Kid Devil and Zatara have some history; apparently they were team-mates during the gap "52" year, and Zatara still holds some ill feelings towards the Titans. I'm sure I'm supposed to be feeling curious about Zatara and Kid Devil's relationship, but I find it hard to care for two characters about whom I know next to nothing. Likewise, the appearances of Miss Martian and Bombshell left me cold.

It seems that whenever the Teen Titans get together, they are plagued by a traitor in their midst. First Terra, and Raven, then Jericho. Even Kon-El had a moment of darkness when his Luthor side took over. Now, it seems, there is yet another traitor about. Is it the child-like Miss Martian, who, technically, isn't even part of the Teen Titans team? Or Ravager, daughter of old arch-enemy Slade Wilson? Maybe Raven is imagining the traitor, or could she be the traitor herself? She's been taken over by Trigon before, after all--who's to say she isn't still vulnerable. Or maybe the traitor is some mystery guest X that has yet to be revealed.

I know I should be feeling more involved in the mystery surrounding Raven's disappearance, especially given that Johns has set up all these questions. The problem is, unlike with Wolfman's team, or even the early issues of this Teen Titans run, I don't really care much about this incarnation of the Teen Titans team. Without Kid Flash, Kon-El, and Gar, for me the experience of reading about the Teen Titans feels rather flat. I enjoyed watching Bart drive everyone else crazy, seeing Tim direct the team like a miniature version of Batman, and Connor's attempts to take over the role of Titans leader. I liked reading Gar's silly jokes, and seeing the burgeoning relationship between Cassie and Kon. Now, instead, it's all non-stop sniping between Cassie and Rose. Tim's closed himself off from the rest of the team, and acts like a robot. Kid Devil is so scared he's about to be thrown off the team that he doesn't really do anything but bite his lip.

About the only character I can still identify with is Cyborg. He seems sort of lost, like he's wondering what the hell happened to the team he thought he knew. I know how he's feeling because I'm wondering the same thing.



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Oct. 17th, 2006 09:45 pm (UTC)
i'm totally with you. in fact, the lack of more notable characters on dc teams is leaving me uninterested in a lot of books right now.
Oct. 18th, 2006 12:29 pm (UTC)
I'm hoping that once the 52 madness is over and done with, things will start to settle, and old teams will slowly re-emerge from the dust.

Maybe the team shake-ups are happening so as to keep up the suspense for the big 52 finale -- who lives, who dies, that sort of thing?
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